Rahul Arora: From FMCG to Media, pulled the right chords at the right time


The Workplace Legends team had some great time interviewing the legend himself Rahul Arora RMD (Times Group).

We were well received by the man himself who was there on the dot. Great start (Assuming most people at his stature are mostly delayed for meetings due to their busy schedule). Surprise by the punctuality he went on to charm us with his hospitality. Sipping hot coffee and chatting with the modest man was an overwhelming experience altogether. This amazed us and we were rest assured of a wonderful session.

The session started with pleasantries and a casual chat that was no less than an inspiring conversation. The chat covered his early days of life, profession, interests and his success journey with renowned organizations in India and abroad (Myanmar and Cambodia).

Rahul Arora from our perspective:

Having an extensive expertise in sales and marketing Rahul Arora is spearheading the operations of Times group in Bangalore, Karnataka. A man with a vision, discipline, and passion for work started just like any other ordinary individual, but a disciplined work ethic and ever-evolving skill set were the key to his corporate success.

Two decades of rich experience in different organizations from Colgate-Palmolive, Cadbury, United Breweries, Aircel and now Times Group. He helmed key positions in all the organizations he worked. Starting as a sales professional and now adorning the position of Regional Marketing Director, isn’t that journey worth a keen eye?

A walkway into this veteran’s success journey:

With a diverse professional profile from Myanmar to Karnataka, Rahul Arora, incumbent Regional Managing Director of Times Group excels in every field he ventures in.

Graduated from Symbiosis Pune, a PGDMA in Sales & International Marketing never looked back since his first professional stint in sales in Delhi, followed by Colgate Palmolive, there after a stint in United Breweries, Cadbury to reach Times Group until date.

His day usually starts with business video conferencing calls to remain connected with his counterparts every half hour he is in touch with his team so that he is on top of things.

His professional journey from FMCG to Media just happened says, Rahul Arora. According to him, it was quite an interesting and challenging transition. His entire career has been a travel sojourn which he truly cherishes. His work has enabled him to experience different parts of India barring the West. Thus it is evident that he is a travel enthusiast.

He took all the opportunities that knocked on his professional door and accepted the challenges like a thorough professional which won him accolades across. His knowledge and skillsets did not limit him to the sales sector but helped him in the telecom and other verticals of business.

An intriguing question on his success journey lit up his face and his response kept us on the edge:

Rahul: “Success depends on participation and not hankering after money. While others switched jobs for a pay rise, I believed in absorbing the tricks and the traits from my mentors to get better at what I was doing.”

From the time he started his career he realized “winning is not his motto but playing is” and he believes it is important to be an active participant than worrying about the outcome.

Maintaining the right work-life balance:

Touching the sensitive subject of his work-life balance, he said.

Rahul: Although a family man I confess that work is my first priority. However, I fulfill all the responsibilities of a loving husband and I am a doting father. For me, work is my priority but if asked to choose between family and work, family comes first.

Given my nature of work, it consumes 90% of my time, but I make sure I spend a quality 10% with my family. I have a wonderful wife and a lovely daughter who has been the greatest support as they understand my love for work.

Amongst all this, the question of his relationship with staff, customers and business clients came up:

He got candid and opened up about his initial days of school, college and professional life. He follows the open door policy for his staff, customers and business-clients i.e anyone can reach out to him anytime.
He definitely knows how to transform a non-performing employee and turn him into a consistent performer. He does not believe in being autocratic, rather he would have an interactive pep talk to get his subordinates on par with the company’s expectations.

Rahul Arora’s Interests:

Pleasantly surprised to know about his passion for reading and sports, we could not hold ourselves but to ask about the same.

Here’s what he had to say:

Rahul: “I am an avid reader and love to hang out with a good book while I am traveling, and can go on reading forever (Not in the literal sense). Reading teaches me. My favorite book has been “Good to Great” from James Collin, and I recommend others to read that book as it has played a major role in my corporate growth.

Other personal favorites are “Survival is not enough”, Shiva Trilogy and the Autobiography of Steve Jobs. My day is incomplete if I missed the morning read.”

He also loves reading good management books and says motivation can be derived from any source, he derived his motivation from the books he read. He is a keen observer and a smart learner too.

He is a sports enthusiast, loves participating in all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports. He is an athlete, enjoys cycling, running, swimming, lawn tennis, table tennis etc.

He has been a performer since his early days; he excels in his professional domain and is liked and respected by his superiors and counterparts alike.

What is the skill set required to become a successful sales professional?

He replied with great excitement.

“For one to achieve the highest pinnacle of success, Planning, discipline, commitment to the role, smart working attitude and most importantly dedication are the keys.”

His advice to the next generation of professionals who want to make it big is very simple. “Always look forward to the next position and continue working with integrity and passion, progression will follow”.

What a great chat with an individual full of life who rubbed his excitement on us too. A disciplined man with a vision who truly believes in the phrase “Learning never stops”.

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