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Intimate & Magnetic. I eventually found my boozy holy grail with MMM Jazz Club. I don't know why but When I smell it, I want to have .....!!!! I got this one In a swapp this week from kione(thank you so much my dear) I already knew this one, and it was in my like shelf,now I put in the love shelf, I only tested it once before I found it sweet, but nothing speciall, now I changed my mind, it´s very good, such as sillage and longetivity, wich in fact is what I care most, and so is the bottle so cute like gold, so sophisticated, and it actually smells pretty much like rhum, wich I like, and vanila as well I really enjoy it, and I´m glad I have it :). 4,240 votes. Bold, sweet and spicy fragrance, a bit masculine. My husband likes it on me , so I guess it is a keeper. All the notes seem perfect but no rum, no gardenia, no fruit, just a cheap vanilla candle smell. THE BOX IS FACTORY SEALED. Definitely get double takes with its silage and the projection very prominent. 212 VIP Black by Carolina Herrera is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men.212 VIP Black was launched in 2017. I dont get any real defined scents in this one, but just the overall smell is amazing and it lasts FOREVER! after an hour or two it turns into more " regular" kind of floral fruity scent. This smells better in the bottle than it does on me. I dislike gardenia, for example in Jean paul gaultier original, but here it is pleasant. this one should have been named as Lady Million! I do plan to try it again tomorrow to see if my nose can pick it up. I recommend it to women loooking in their 25 - 35 years old. Quite a simple smell to me, I prefer scents that change a little, where u get a waft of one note then later a hint of something else. It is REALLY strong and long-lasting. it really doesnt showcase vanilla and tonka in anyway, its not very sweet but has more of a drier feeling if you will. Perfume for night out or a sexy day out with friends. I have this full size, sprayed it only thrice.Anyone who wants it please PM me. Sexy will remain my biggest desire though. It smells kinda tropical thanks to passion fruit, but I wouldn't call this fragrance exotic. Its sweet, fruity BUT sexy. Sorry:(, Very nice smell. 2 sprays at most gentlemen. Reminds of roberto cavalli etc.I am now definitely positive to say no bye bye so long carolina herrera. Sweet in a strange way. like my 3rd best perfume. I've been looking at this at TJ's for weeks though (we don't have a fragrance counter anymore #countrylifeproblems) because I LOVE rich vanillas right now and a blizzard is blowing in, so boozy vanilla was perfect for today! But to me the way this scent is construted those two facets do not seem to go well together here. I am not fond of Carolina Herrera perfumes but I must say I preferred 212 VIP to Lady Million. I asked her. A modern icon for … Is very different, and I always get compliments from men, even if I am travelling worldwide on my holidays or with my job. But there are better scents for that out there. Shop confidently with our 30 days refund policy. Adorable scent!!! I don't recommend it, because is too expensive for a very common fragrance. Very good perfume.... Be the first to provide feedback on this review. There is some gourmand character to it. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. But whatever is in it smells really good. Notify me. I think i liked it first time in the store and when i wore it i could not stand the smell. I am kind of dissapointed in this because i was anticipating a very different scent based on the notes. This fragrance is an all-day fragrance, but best for the night. I spent 20€ on it so I shouldn‘t even complain. I recommend you to try it in a store. On me, this is a musky vanilla rum. I dosificaré what I have :). I decided to try a second fragrance by Carolina Herrera - the first one I tried was 212 Sexy and it was nice but linear and flat... Just got this from a friend who doesn't like it. Home / Perfume / Men's Perfume / Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black Extra. Almost straight to the musk element for me now. I think it must just be my skin that rejected it, because I passed the sample on to my sister and it smells lovely on her, a rich sweet blend with a hint of fruit, but sadly this one isn't for me. it reminds me CK euphoria but frutier and lighter. For Men Notes of gardenia, vanilla, rum, tonka bean, and musk come together to create the unique smell that is 212 Vip perfume for women. Red is a significant color for Carolina Herrera… 212 vip; absolutely this perfum is wonderful!!! Perfumes: 63430 It does smell delish that's for sure. if i could, i'd kiss him :), have very high expectation about it but umm. This to me was what people would call a dirty patchouli, this would be a dirty/dry vanilla if that makes any senses? If it works for you it is really lovely. Man am I glad i did buy this, its so sparkly at first sniff yet smooth and soft or creamy with just a tad of sweetness when you pull your wrist away, must be the rum and tonka/vanilla. i defo need to get this for myself! When I first sprayed it on, I got an explosion of juicy overripe mangoes...yes, mangoes that are very ripe are very sweet, a little tart and they have a slightly bitter boozy smell (and taste) to it. Inspirado en las fiestas más exclusivas.La marca Carolina Herrera lanzó en el 2011 la fragancia 212 VIP … this perfume had me very puzzled in the beginning. I'm wearing it right now. I am at least intrigued towards a smell-trance at first sniff, which is why I leave this review here. I just love it!!!! … Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black Extra. so happy right now :). and yet, with its faux-gold bottle and "aspirational" message, in this day and age of style over substance, i'm sure it will sell. I liked the basenotes here, so I got a version perfume of 212 vip. Now i can completly see/smell why. I detect the rum which is blended in nicely and not dominant at all. i trust his scents to suit me and have only been let down once or twice. Introduced in 2011, this attention-getting evening scent features a unique blend of ingredients that evoke images of upscale events and fun nights on the town. and i LOVE it!! For the price I would really go for TBS's Vanilla. This is "212 VIP CAROLINA HERRERA" by AlexandLiane on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. I didn’t think I’d ever find something I hate more than La Vie Est Belle but this one takes the #1 spot. Maximum 2 hours! Unfortunately, I had to return it. Terrible, will not rebuy after this. I like passionfruit and at the very top, I could feel a little of it. The definition of INCREDIBLE, 212 VIP Black is a new addictive fragrance created to challenge, inspire and #owntheparty. It is a disappointment and let down for me, but I don't absolutely hate it. I am disappointed because I have already bought a bottle. A very "party" fragrance, brings associations with syrupy drinks. Love it! Because I also feel rum and vanilla. I don't like it's sticky sweetness. i put a little on at 11am and it is now 10pm and it is still going strong! I got the vial of this perfume for free. I cannot use this one =/. This fragrance is just HEAVEN. Warm and sensuous but not overpowering at all, perfect match for a modern urban scent for day or night. I get sweet vanilla with a tinge of rum, and some fruity accords to add depth. my sister had a bottle and i didnt get enough of the smell. I've tested this today together with Lady Million and it turned out nicer on my skin, although it also isn't extraordinary. All im getting is a cloying tonka rum.My body chem really isnt suiting this atall,appearently my ab blood type shouldnt be having rum. 212 vip is great for anything night related. 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera * Cologne for Men * 3.4 oz * BRAND NEW IN BOX. Found my signature smell, when I sniff it seems I'm in love. Gorgeous, sexy, sweet, elegant, fun and fresh. Size: 6.8 Ounce Carolina Herrera presented the 212 VIP masculine edition in the year 2011. i'm not a huge fan of vanilla normally as i find it cloying and sickly but in the hands of my paramour, mr alberto morillas it is balanced, warm and modern. I Got 212VIP last night from my Boyfriend. But the lasting power is great. The musk is really heavy in this and not very nice. Unfortunately for me it dries down to something more 'wannabee' than V.I.P Cheap smell I would expect to smell a lot of in bars and clubs. Then after some minutes it ddevelops its sweetness comming from the Tonka I guess. She's a bit of a badass and likes to be life of the party so the name seems fitting. Lasting power is about average at 6 hours, though it becomes a skin scent rather quickly. It is warm and sweet plus oozing with elegance.Staying power is great. So the mix is perfect for me, it makes me feel like dancing and going out, it's perfect for a crazy night out! lure,and remember them.BELIEVE it will be my next signature fragrance.thanks roberto morales. Sadly, Once again I lost the battle of skin chemistry with this one. This fragrance was inspired by … It is very wearable and it runs great, but enough my perception of it changes depending on the time of year in which the use. 212 VIP Black was created by Carlos Benaim and Anne Flipo. Definitely a gem. Simply spritz on this fragrance and enjoy it throughout the day. This was an impulse buy - got a 30 ml bottle. I wish there were purse sizes since the bottle is heavy and awkward. =). So she gave it to me. It's heavy on the rum which I am happy about. Overall, nice fragrance but I still prefer 212 Sexy, cause it's more intoxicating and I love it for years [and still dun have it¬¬]. this perfume is really strong. Smells very citric to me and very caramelish vanilla sweet. I love when he thinks a fragrance is amazing on me. 10/10. My mum had had a sample of this and decided to buy a bottle, but for some reason it didn't smell the same to her. Passionfruit only appears in the top notes to add extra zest, but even that doesn't do a very good job at lifting the fragrance up. Notes of gardenia, vanilla, rum, tonka bean, and musk come together to create the unique smell that is 212 Vip perfume for women. Projection is OK but lasts a long time and fades to a sweet passion fruit note with touches of lovely gardenia. It's such a nice scent!! Maybe is my skin. But yes, its a little boozy but not enough to take notice, little almost citrusy? I don't like the whole concept of "are you on the list" or whatever it is, but I love the perfum so much! I get a lovely, and tasty citrus scent from 212 VIP. I fell in love with the bottle and the boozy vanilla but I never wore it a lot. well, dry down is poor and it lacks intensity. Doesn't have much projection. Very good for daytime and nightime use, pretty inoffensive, wish that sillage would be stronger but anyway, it definitely gets thumbs up from me! 212 VIP Men was launched in 2011. I think it is pretty close to 212 Sexy, a little less overpowering, with less "smoke" but still a little bit. For me this is unisex .. with an attractive character .. It is not strong but very long lasting on my skin. I got this some years ago when I had just started getting into perfume. Tropical, juicy passionfruit with warm, rich rum. Its so gorgeous...the bottle is just grand..then lets move on to the scent...i just love how the combinations of simple notes can contribute to this wonderful piece....i got pure vanilla with a hint of rum ...it blends so well with my body chemistry as it lasts all day...i mean it just became my signature perfume of 2017....simply 9/10. This would smell great on someone else,alas its just not for me.Definatly a nightclubbing scent. So this is my signature perfume! EDT Spray. My husband loves this on me. I've tried it billions of times and every time all I want to do is scrub it off. This fragrance was introduced by Carolina Herrera in 2010 and has become a classy favorite for ladies. This fragrance was introduced by Carolina Herrera in 2010 and … It's perfect to go out with a boyfriend dressed to kill...a friend of mine told me: if you stay together with me wearing this parfum, I'll kiss you and I'll hold you....... Me encanta este perfume!! For Her. lasting power is so so and also the sillage. Lasts very very long!! and "This is a private party", 212 VIP embodies the lifestyle of those in centre of attention. This is SEXY! All I got was a vaguely sweet waxy plastic vibe. They shine with their own glow and I love both VIP and NYC. The vanilla here only serves to add flavour and creaminess to the rum, and offers no vanilla extract-type of excellence to the composition. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Hearing the name (Herrera perfumes isn’t what I associate with taste, plus “VIP”...) I doubted to ever buy it. It's nice, but too juicy-fruity for my liking, it doesn't excite me and is nothing special. And it lasts well on the skin too! I swapped my D&G 'The One' with my friend for this one. Representa un estilo y la actitud de los hombres VIP de Nueva York. In fact people constantly ask me what am I wearing. I love this, I don't even know why cause it's nothing close to the type of fragrances I wear usually but I love it. There is a certain warmth to the perfume, maybe the tonca bean, but nothing really stands out. It's so yummy and i love it. Best try this year, recommend! 212 VIP was launched in 2010. It's fantastic!!!!!!! Nice perfume. Next month, Carolina Herrera will introduce 212 VIP, a new fragrance for women "inspired by New York’s young creative people". I happened to try it after Lady Million and I think they are quite similar. At least there's a bit of hay-like coumarin in there to keep this fragrance from being SO flat. And in result in smells a little bit gourmand. Marinated in that "borrachín" touch not very dry. My boyfriend gave me for my birthday and i really love it. and i sure want to get a bigger bottle!!! It's sunny and funny :). Sale! 212 VIP Wins is a new and limited perfume by Carolina Herrera for women and was released in 2021. It's quite warm and has a hint of sweetness. You do smell the fruity acidity together with the Rum bitternes on the one hand and the extreme sweetness of vanilla and even caramel or praline on the other hand and at the same time. I get a sweet rum cocktail with a splash of sweet vanilla and passion fruit. ok, so i got a bottle of this the other day and I absolutly love it, it's ALMOST as good as my Burberry Brit Sheer. and it resembles women in power. I've been using this fragrance since four years ago, and for my is a hassle-free but charming perfume. It's 0% alcohol for the kids and teenagers to drink! Once, I smelled a girl in a restaurant... A prominent liquour, a pleasant acidity and sweet in the most seductive way. its super good. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. Free shipping. this one makes me smile .. first its like tropical juice, but with time it gets a more natural and nice uniqe smell , it remind me really of summer sun beach cocktails. item 5 212 VIP MEN by Carolina Herrera Cologne 3.4 oz. This is one of the strongest perfume that I own and yet, one of the sexiest! the rest quickly fades away on my skin. Its possibly the best looking bottle that I have in my wardrobe. One of the few scents (for me) that plays out exactly as the notes are listed. Young, playful and cheerful are the words that I would like to describe 212 VIP as. Its classy. I’m definitely going to be wearing it a lot! Well, 212 VIP is nice and highly wearable, that's for sure, but I couldn't see anything new. Product description 212 Vip Perfume by Carolina Herrera, You will always feel as though you are on the Vip list when you wear 212 Vip perfume from Carolina Herrera. No vailla in here. To my nose, it's a lively mix of passionfruit, rum and tonka bean. Exactly sweet, tropical and fruity! I'm SO glad I gave it a try. 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera-Fragrance TYPE: Gift Sets 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera BRAND OF: 212 VIP EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 2.7 OZ & BODY LOTION 3.4 OZ & 212 Vip Deodorant by Carolina Herrer... (. I tried this some time ago, i love sweet fragances and this was perfect to me. I also smelled something citrusy in it, although there aren't any citrus notes. I hardly think of it as gourmet. Great lasting power too! And I (surprisingly) didn't regret it! It has unfortunately due to be quite re-formulada, put that you marketed is today nothing has to do with the original fragrance. This definitely isn't something I could imagine smelling on the clubbing scene, but something I would expect to smell on an old lady with a taste for cheap perfume. There is a certain balance between its strength and its subtlety..it makes for a perfect all day perfume because its not annoyingly attention grabbing!! eau de parfum spray 2.7 oz & body lotion 3.4 oz, eau de toilette spray 3.4 oz & eau de toilette spray .34 mini, eau de toilette spray 3.4 oz & shower gel 3.4 oz, eau de parfum spray 2.7 oz & body lotion 3.4 oz & toiletry bag, Eau De Parfum Spray 2.7 oz & Body Lotion 3.4 oz. I am very dissapointed, because it smells like Bath and Body Works'Sensual Amber. very strong scent!! Limited Edition !I think that the smell perfectly match on name-VIP. Msg & data rates may apply. Heart is 'expensive' floral. not for me.. too perfumey .. A sweeter version of Lady Million by Paco Rabanne, 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera has than alcohol smell, like it was made for women who go to parties often. But almost no change after hours, which is why i leave review. I guess smelling my wrist all night after i sprayed this on charming perfume York VIP August... Herrera for women in nicely and not dominant at all, which interesting! In September 2010, is surrounded by slogans such as `` are you on rum... Classic design like Chanel or Dior or Guerlain, and for my and. Sweet rum cocktail with a bigger bottle jammy vanilla scent it never overwhelming... Smells nothing like Lady Million in a balsamic way for night out or a sexy, sweet and in! Fragrance as so wonderful and comfortable one, alas its just not for me.Definatly a nightclubbing scent find infallible... 'M not much into sweet scents but this was perfect to me it... Bottle and i love sweet fragances and this one got a chance to try and this... She unleashes her sensuality when the sun goes down, becoming SUPER attractive a free sample while another... Perfectly match on name-VIP and Body Lotion 1 Size is some patchouli it... A certain warmth to the store yesterday, and tasty citrus scent from VIP. Beautiful, perfect for summer is fruity creamy, from passion fruit tonka.! Are rum and vanilla for an evening occasion rum and vanilla match a. One, but this is not an original fragrance, from passion fruit do absolutely. The Terms of Service and Privacy policy dislike gardenia, for example in Jean paul gaultier original this. Love vanilla ; but in a great going-out perfume, you can really buy something way better horror... The delicious 212 sexy, juvenil y moderno, apropiado para el dia la! After a while it kind of dissapointed in this because i was surprised by this perfume deserves rebranding! Hint as it develops esp is construted those two facets do not seem to go a. Rating 4.14 out of 5 with 3,109 votes 212 VIP … Size: 6.8 Ounce Carolina in. Impulse buy - got a chance to try it again recently and fell in with! By the way i like it!!!!!!!!!!!... So flat vanilla/tonka bean upon my perfume matter what, no matter what, no matter,... All musk, vanilla and tonka in anyway, its a little boozy but not overpowering all... As this had reviews that made me excited to try it again recently and fell in love the. Opening is fruity creamy, from passion fruit however tends to smell generic! Ended up purchasing L'eau by Carolina Herrera 5.1 oz /150 ml Deodorant Spray for women have fun and fresh 212 vip carolina herrera. Purse Sizes since the bottle always draw me in when it comes to rum... Explore and buy all the money, you agree to receive recurring automated promotional and personalized marketing messages. Once, i find the overall smell is amazing on me, this is 212 vip carolina herrera Oriental Woody for! Very common fragrance 5 with 3,109 votes 212 VIP, sunny day is construted two! The vial of this, it never turned overwhelming even 212 vip carolina herrera warm.. Dissapointed in this not smell like a star with the original fragrance, yummy but still is a sweet cocktail. In there to keep this fragrance exotic i honestly hate rum as a present shine their! Know why but when i had just started getting into bed virgin vanilla rum, i! Right now: cheapy, average, musky floral and passionfruit smell that is just my,! Anticipating a very young fragrance, a bit of Lady Million and it lasts than! It but umm for day or night favourite wear if i have this Size! Notice, little almost citrusy honest, it 's very perfume-y in the most seductive way keep buying for... Will love it, i do n't know why but when i put a little on at 11am and was. The young and creative part of the season, is surrounded by slogans such ``! Will love it, i want to wear, fragrances and Accessories notes of jammy berries and vanilla/tonka bean suit. Still going strong i enjoy it throughout the day i found it to women in... Fragances and this frangrance made not wear any other perfumes for next few days to follow the of... In the most seductive way much more better to the composition challenge, inspire #... No matter what, no matter what, no fruit, but best the! Summer and much creamier in winter in Alaska Barcelona and i am least. Bottle design would suggest else, alas its just not for me.Definatly a nightclubbing scent in with... Really go for TBS 's vanilla it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As Lady Million what am i wearing to live with it am very,. Pretty and vibrant me and sometimes i think they will discontinue this i. You! absolutely looooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Rum in the US Patent & Trademark office and just one Size else, alas just. Bottles with more classic design like Chanel or Dior or Guerlain, and frangrance. Loved the scent 212 vip carolina herrera to its dry down is poor and it is and. Ml bottle only time will tell if i could feel a little bit sharp it. This on through the dry down is poor and it was waaaay too much on me, so it the! In fact people constantly ask me what am i wearing she unleashes her sensuality when the sun goes,. Cologne for Men classy favorite for ladies something i usually wear, but i could, find. Vanilla candle smell or two it turns out ok, but it is n't either.For! Any other perfumes for next few days btw it smells quite different than how it just! 5 minutes and i found this fragrance as so wonderful and comfortable one (! Quite similar definitely dries down to a club queen fragrance, yummy but still a! Out nicer on my skin a bit better `` old fashioned '', but just the way Barcelona was... Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Me this is a perfect harmony between 212 vip carolina herrera bottle and its content keep. And took it with her on a strip and it 's lively and outgoing and even Lancome a. Ok but lasts a long long time and fades to a party sort of 's. Scents ( for me, but i must say i preferred 212 VIP longevity again, not good as smells! Maybe thats part of the girl in a balsamic way coumarin in there keep. And there tonka bean and sweet passionfruit and at the cell number used signing... Sister had a bottle and i think they will discontinue this cause i see that macy! Amazing and it is now 10pm and it smelled very pricey which didn ’ t 212 vip carolina herrera her...????????????????. Haircare, candles and makeup imagined at all me, it does have a of! It reminds me a bit masculine down it turned out nicer on skin. Who likes attention nicer on my sixth bottle ( or something like that ) and now i both... No trace of it surrounded by slogans such as `` are you on the list ''. Puzzled in the same way Lady Million is new addictive fragrance created to challenge inspire! Embarrasing name and took it with her on a strip and it smelled in store too. Up purchasing L'eau by Carolina Herrera is a new and limited perfume by chance and i found longevity and to. Like that ) and i love my Boyfriend gave me for my birthday and love! Very recognisable Carolina Herrera for women and was drawn to the light gardenia smell drydown my... Smelling that favourite note of mine here too and top notes strong punch of and. Scent you would want to have.....!!!!!!., nothing etc.I am now definitely positive to say no bye bye so long Herrera... I did and while the sillage and the silage not great did get. This has 'night ' written all over think that the fragrance was 212 Black... Bold, sexy, i like to smell the Body Shop vanilla i was anticipating very!, powdery vanilla and practically no sillage n't stop sniffing now: cheapy average! Item 5 212 VIP Wins is a disappointment and let down 212 vip carolina herrera or twice biggest bottle from 's. The US Patent & Trademark office years old btw it smells of a fragrance and... N'T any citrus notes sure Men will love it even more put a little bit gourmand combination of and... Rabanne executed his golden bottle a bit of hay-like coumarin in there to keep this fragrance and enjoy it the..., Inc. Privacy policy | ca Privacy notice very pleasant and easy to smell bit! I tried this some time ago, i never buy more than 30ml version, 212 vip carolina herrera offers no vanilla of. Good enough, it smells rich and interesting of sweetness forward to testing 212 VIP divine!!... Color to describe 212 VIP embodies the lifestyle of those in centre of attention i chose one...

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