distance measuring wheel

Rolatape Professional 401 Series Measuring Wheel (3 Models Available) ES2989. 80+ stores nationwide & access to over 60,000 Tools online. What Is a Measuring Wheel. MSJY316W has large digits for better visibility and is rated for speeds up to 360 rpm. 5000 Series. Lufkin L1709N Hi … Distance-Measuring Wheels Roll these wheels along a surface to measure distances up to 99, 999 feet. Place the distance measuring wheel on the ground and let the rear wheel rest against the wall behind. Essential for builders and surveyors to calculate material requirement and check specifications. Distance Meters - Land Measurer – Single Reading Land Distance Measuring Wheel-- 5041 Supplier: Trumeter Company, Inc. They are suitable for measuring longer distances over rough surfaces. Digital Distance Measuring Wheel With Bag Road Land Builders Surveyors Measuring. Measuring Equipment ROTOSURE 500 Measuring Wheel. Distance Measuring Wheel Recommendation <

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